Hi! I'm a webdesigner.

My name is Noël, my tools are HTML5 and CSS3.
I also use PHP and JS to build rich functional internet applications.

You can contact me here.

HTML5 is great!

The next (draft) version of HTML is packed with exciting possibilities and features. It's also the cool new thing everybody does and well supported on most modern browsers.

You can read all the serious stuff at the semi-official website of HTML5.

CSS3 finally bringes change

Finally we can make websites that are no longer restricted by a narrow set of technial possibilities.

Websites can now be rich with subtle movement, smooth shadows and gradients and all the beauty a designer can dream of...

PHP drives the web

If you ever used a website, there's a good chance you used PHP. Major sites with functionality - like webshops or social network sites - are mostly driven by this server-side interpreted programming language.

There's hardly an end to what PHP can do (and for the rest I use jQuery to make it come true).

jQuery - one selector at a time

With JavaScript and the great JavaScript-library jQuery, we can give the last touch to that site of yours. jQuery is up to the task!

Due to its client-sided nature it is the ideal partner for PHP.

Contact me

Please feel free to drop me a message. I'd love to discuss your new project just as well as the weather lately. :)

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